Light is essential. Without light not only we could not see, but life on earth would not exist.
Light is beautiful. It can enhance nature, architecture, art, it can be art in its own right.
Light is powerful. It has the power to affect our wellbeing, to carry energy and feed life.
Light is science. Lighting technology continually improves and evolves towards greater efficiency, complexity and opportunities.

At Through Light we value the great privilege and responsibility of working with such an important medium. As responsible lighting designers we strive to deliver the best lighting design solution to suit the specific environmental, architectural, artistic, as well as economical requirements and constraints.

We strongly believe that this can be best achieved via a collaborative design process that originates from a deep understanding of our customers’ practical and emotional requirements and develops through sharing of our inspiring ideas and valuable expertise, with one ultimate object in mind: to deliver their vision. Through Light.

If you need assistance with any area of lighting design, from residential lighting for your home and garden, to commercial lighting for offices, retail, art galleries and public spaces, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be delighted to discuss your requirements in detail and agree together the best way forward to assist you in achieving your vision.